The First Book

I have been trying to write an idea I have had for a book since I was 16.  I came up with the idea with some friends, however I have never gotten past the first two chapters.  Or really 1 and  a half chapters.  I am hoping that having an easy way to post will force me to complete it cause I have a lot of it figured out I just haven’t taken the time to continue it.  However, I have edited those two chapters many times and I just need to write it and hope for the best.  So here goes.  The first two chapters I will post and then hopefully add more pages later…

Chapter 1: A Typical, Boring Day?

I let out a deep breath in disgust as I see it is raining again. Why should I be surprised? It’s only rained everyday, of every hour for the past week. At least I had somewhat nice weather during the conference. The conference was to be desired but what can you expect around a bunch … Continue reading Chapter 1: A Typical, Boring Day?

Chapter 2: The Office

When my cab finally pulled up to the building my father owned, it was almost two. I walked through the solid glass doors and immediately through a set of metal detectors, watched by two security guards. The security guards nodded and in unison politely said, ”Hello, Ms. Colby,” as they do everyday, almost as if … Continue reading Chapter 2: The Office

The World of My Imagination…