The Poetry

All of my poetry I have wrote through the years…  and maybe some new stuff…

“What I Can’t Say”

It’s time to say Goodbye, But I don’t want to say it. Instead I want to say, I’ll stay forever, But I can’t say that. So I’ll say I can stay, just awhile longer, but I can’t say that. What I have to say is Goodbye I can’t say that. What I will say is, … Continue reading “What I Can’t Say”

“One More Thing”

What I feel inside empty –sad –pain What I miss Billie -Friend –Grandmother Taken too soon Many things left unsaid I Love You I’ll Miss You You were always there for me. Now I Hope –Now I Pray –Now I Dream That You know what I never said, Then I know You did Icry,I cry,I … Continue reading “One More Thing”


I look around and all I see is darkness. I look around and there is no one there. I look around and I see no where to go. I find the light and go forward. I work hard to keep my head high, to find the light. I work hard to stay positive. I work … Continue reading Drowning

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