The Beginning 

Every story needs a start. This will be just that start.This page will be a collection of my writings. I have wrote many things through the years, I just struggle with finishing them. This will be the webpage to help me finish my writings. I Love the name! It’s catchy, what can I say? It got your attention didn’t it? It was an idea I had a long time ago…. Only it was for a porn store, seriously how awesome of a name would Nicky’s Kinkdom be for a porn store? However, I really do not see myself in the porn business in the future so I changed it up and decided to go with  a more appropriate name. Nicky’s Kingdom was born.  This site is a continuation of my other thoughts  and ideas. You can check out my other websites:

Nichole Kay’s Blog Site
When You Give a Mom a Brownie Website A website dedicated to Nichole Kay’s First Book.

Nicky’s Kinkdom  A version of Nichole’s Stories, for those looking for a little more to the story. Have you ever wished you knew what happened behind closed doors? This is where you can read about that.

Some of the start of these stories may have started there.
Nichole’s Kinkdom was honestly my first idea of doing a web page to help me easily write. There were so many times I would start stories and I would lose them, they’d get deleted on the computer I was working on  or worse I would just forget about them. If I can organize all my ideas and my thoughts into a series of webpages I could hopefully finish something for once!

So between this page and the ones above. You will see all my messed up ranting, ravings, ideas, stories and poems. This is going to be my creative outlet. A place where I can go and just say what is on my mind. A place where I can put together all of the things in my head into one location. Perhaps these ideas will blossom into something amazing, or perhaps this will just be the beginning where psych professionals will be able to chronicle my journey into complete insanity. As it stands right now I believe I am at the cute crazy level. Where people still can stand to be around you, they are mildly concerned for you but you haven’t done anything yet that makes them fear or run away from you. You will have to let me know how you feel after see a little deeper inside.

The World of My Imagination…