The Books

This will house my various books I would like to write and the chapters. These will tend to be multiple blog posts as I will continue to write them as the ideas come to me. Enjoy the pages I have already started.

The First Book

I have been trying to write an idea I have had for a book since I was 16.  I came up with the idea with some friends, however I have never gotten past the first two chapters.  Or really 1 and  a half chapters.  I am hoping that having an easy way to post will … Continue reading The First Book

The Second Book

This idea came to me in my more cynical years. I really wanted to believe in fairy tales and happily ever after, however I was starting to think it was all a joke and didn’t exist. I think you need to read it to really appreciate what I was trying to accomplish. This will be … Continue reading The Second Book

The Third Book

This book was an idea I had inspired by an abandoned Benigans. It was left just as it was the night the store closed for the day. The dishes were on the table and the ketchup and condiments. The only thing making you realize it was abandpned was the thick coat of dust on everything. … Continue reading The Third Book

The Fifth Book

As you can see from my previous pages, I have had lots of half started stories. This is another idea I had. A friend and I were talking about writing. I knew I lacked motivation to write and so did he. He wanted to write a romance novel. I just wanted to make myself write. … Continue reading The Fifth Book

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