They lived happily ever after. At least that is what we are led to believe in all the fairy tales, the stories and the movies. However, I have to stop and ask what really happens after happily ever after? Does happily ever after really exist?
We grow up and are taught that we finish high school, than we go to college, we get married and than we have children and we live happily ever after. At least that’s what the brochure on life leads us to believe. This philosophy or outline for life extends not only from what we are taught in school, what is expected of us from our parents, or so we are lead to believe, what are friends make us jealous of but it is also encouraged and drilled into us by various media propaganda.
Now I know this is cynical, but we have all thought at one point or another in our lives, does happily ever after really exist? We all look around and see all the movies, plays and books that show two people falling madly in love, after having a whirl wind romance and than they live happily ever after or so we are led to believe. Now I ask in today’s society where we see divorces occur everyday, like they are common practice and single parents are more of the norm than the unexpected. How can anyone believe that the previous outline for life exists? Happily ever after seems more of an idea that has since passed from our beliefs, such as the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny or Santa Clause. Now I ask why doesn’t the media portray real life and why are we continually seeing the happily ever after propaganda? Does true love and happily ever after really exist, and most are just not able to find this hidden four leaf clover or pot of gold that is love?

Well I choose to stand against the fairy tales, as wonderful as they were growing up, they lack reality. In the pages that follow I will go against the media propaganda and will show what really happens after happily ever after, so for once we have a more realistic standard in which to live by. I present to you: Cynical Lives

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