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I look around and all I see is darkness.
I look around and there is no one there.
I look around and I see no where to go.
I find the light and go forward.

I work hard to keep my head high, to find the light.
I work hard to stay positive.
I work hard to do what’s right.
As I work to find my way, the light slips away.

I remember all the fighting I have experienced along the way.
I remember the happy moments weren’t that happy.
I remember I do not know how I can keep pushing myself forward.
All I really want is to disappear. To give in.

I wonder if anyone would ever notice.
I wonder if anyone would remember.
I wonder how long before I am forgotten.
Even though no one would notice, I carry on.

I don’t know why, I am not happy.
I don’t know why, I cannot keep fighting.
I don’t know why, I am not this strong.
I don’t know why, It cannot be this hard.