“One More Thing”

What I feel inside
empty –sad –pain

What I miss
Billie -Friend –Grandmother
Taken too soon

Many things left unsaid
I Love You
I’ll Miss You
You were always there for me.

Now I Hope –Now I Pray –Now I Dream
That You know what I never said,

Then I know You did
Icry,I cry,I cry
I sniffle and wipe away the tears.

Knowing you’ve never been angry but,
If You saw this You’d be cross.
I laugh, I joke, I play

Trying to hide the emptiness, the sadness, and the pain
I loose and I cry again.
I remember all the good times We had

I smile with red eyes and wet cheeks
Missing You so MUCH.
But We’ll be together again, someday
The emptiness, the sadness, and the pain lessen.

And I just remember the good times we shared and
I look forward to the time when we can be together
again forever…

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