Now that I have gotten my introduction rant out of the way, I have to add a request rant.  I am trying to put together all of my ideas so that maybe I will actually complete one beginning to end.  Yes, I like everyone else in the world have a dream, this dream of being a writer.  I believe the world is basically broken up into people who want to be writers, photographers, actors, singers, models or just in general famous or rich.  As such these people think they are good writers, photographers, actors, singers, and models.   I do not want to think I am, if I am not.   Please someone be honest.  If it sucks tell me.  I do not want to hold onto a dream that will never be.  I think the world needs to be more honest and truthful.  However, constructive criticism is welcome. Just plane rudeness is well, RUDE. Every time I got an A on a paper I always wondered was it because it was good or just better than the rest or did it just meet the requirements of the assignment. So if you are by any chance reading this please let me know what you think.   Oh and I know my grammer and spelling are fairly bad. I am working on it so read for content people, this is why there are editors. I will fix mistakes if they are caught or annoyingly obvious.  Also no worries if you dash my dreams as a writer, I can always change this into a photography site and if that fails there is always porn. Lets face it if you fail in any of those categories above and refuse to let go, you are probably doing porn.

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